Summer Photo Workshop: Understanding Light in Photography

No prerequisites for this fantastic summer opportunity!

Understanding Light in Photography

ART 497C Summer Workshop, 6 Credits, No Pre-Reqs
June 22 – July 9
Monday – Friday 12:00 – 4:00pm
Garth Amundson & Dana Ollestad, CA

This course is designed to explore light in all its forms. Throughout the 3-week workshop, we will not only focus on interpretations of outdoor light, but will explore studio lighting as well. Using both analogue and digital cameras, we will investigate how to design, calibrate, measure, interpret and capture light. Technically, this course will provide opportunities to attain knowledge surrounding instrumental use of light.

Conceptually, students will research the historical and contemporary principles of capturing light. From magnesium flash powder and lantern projectors to cutting edge digital technology, in-class lectures, presentations, field trips and visiting artists will all inform the overarching theme of understanding light.


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