Standing Room Only

Support 10+ local WWU student and Bellingham artists at this collaborative show!

There will be performances, dance, music, installation art, and SURPRISES in at least four dimensions. It will be different. It will be weird. And it will make your life better than it is right now.

Tim Kenney, Aimee Biggerstaff, Adam McRae, Maryann Miyashiro, Megan Harmon, Hailey MacKay, Mitch Moquin, Lenae Day, Kelly Björk, Franny Canine, Niko Ritter

8:00 – Spoken Word/Performance Art by Tim Kenney, Aimee Biggerstaff, and Maryann Miyashiro
-Followed by a Performance by Maryann Miyashiro

9:00 – The LAST PERFORMANCE of the Banana Splitz!!!
-Followed by Niko, Music and a UV art display

September Art Walk 09/03/10 @ the Majestic, 5-10pm

Check out the Facebook event!!

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