Reading Assignment 1 (8 am)

I HOPE I am doing this right since I am useless at blogging…

I know I am not the first to say that the reading was very informal and helpful especially for a rookie like me! I’m pretty satisfied with how much is covered in the book, and so much in addition besides cameras. I honestly did not know that you could turn a watermelon into a pinhole camera, or I suppose anything that is hollow could be turned into a pinhole camera…

I was planning on looking at instructional videos to make sure I was loading my film correctly but the book pretty much covers all I need to know.

It also helps to get a grasp of aperture and shudder speed in visuals, so you have an idea on what to expect. I have seen other examples when my father photographs moving waterfalls and streams. Its when the camera is set on a tripod and the shudder speed is very slow, so the motion of the water is very slow and the water has a smooth texture.

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