Reading Assignment

Wow. There’s nothing I love more than reading 50 pages of technical writing. There’s a very specific reading format I like to  follow each time I have to do something like this:

(1) Start by flipping through the pages to see what’s in store.

(2) Progressively become more and more irritated that this lengthy pre-reading can’t be compressed in to three short sentences.

(3) Attempt to ‘skim’ 50 pages in 10 minutes, magically absorbing everything using that handy speed-reading technique you picked up in 7th grade accelerated reading.

(4) Allow the obsessive tendency to kick in…

and finally, (5) go back and carefully read through each ‘skimmed’ page, hoping to get by without dosing off more than a handful of times.

Forever-and-a-day-later, I can say I’m only a little bitter and picked up some handy camera knowledge that I could have used about 700 photos ago. All sarcasm aside, the reading had some good, comprehensive information to offer. I especially appreciated the short section at the end of the chapter covering aperture settings to apply to Part B of the assignment.

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