Reading Response: Practice 1

Wow. There was definitely a lot of pertinent information to take in and mull over with this reading. I’m not going to lie, I feel a bit overwhelmed and a little intimidated by the wealth of knowledge and this just solidified the fact that I still have much to learn. But this is an exciting prospect; I look forward to gaining this knowledge and finding insight into the elusive creature known as my camera. I especially appreciated the section on 35mm SLR cameras; setting film speed, loading film, what all those little buttons and levers and knobs do, et al. The 35mm camera I will using is my Dad’s, one that he’s had from before I was born, so I definitely feel responsible for making sure it arrives back into his hands in one piece. This reading was a great jumping-off point to get us all familiarized with photography language and techniques or a terrific review for those already familiar with camera jargon.

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