Reading Response: Practice 2, Light and Shadow

This reading ties in nicely with our own Day and Night project.  I like the Color of Light on page 147.  When photographing images during different times of day or even throughout different times of the year, the way the light falls upon a subject and changes the coloring or appearance of the subject, all of this is very interesting to me.  With our project, I got to play around with this idea of the effects that light has on a scene.  I had some issues during my night shots.  Having not much experience photographing at night, I misjudged the amount of light needed to actually capture an image.  Because of this, I decided to use a flash, which didn’t turn out as successfully as I would have liked.  I wish now I would have diffused the flash, as shown on page 151 of the text. This may have given me the look I was going for.  This image is from a photography contest where the photogs had to capture day and night in one photograph. Cool.

Image of a city scene, day and night captured simultaneously.

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