Steven Meisel

Steven Meisel and Eyeball worked together to blend fashion, photography and graphic design in to an innovative 30-page spread for Vogue Italia’s most prominent issue of the year. This also required designing the front cover of the magazine itself.

Each spread became its own digital collage, designed to showcase the models in a moody, urban environment, with splashes of bright color standing out against the dark backdrops. Steven Meisel photographed his models on a green screen backdrop with as few physical props as possible. EyeballNYC composited these images on top of their digitally created backgrounds, which were pieced together from still photographs of New York City. The end result was a surrealistic juxtaposition of high fashion against a dark film noir cityscape.” (source)

I would consider this a controversial set of images, considering the subject and the media (digital collage and green screen!). The narrative is interesting.

2 thoughts on “Steven Meisel

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