Text Reading: Editing, Presentation, Evaluation, Practice

I wish I had been forced to read this chapter- I mean REALLY read it- at the beginning of this quarter. The information on resizing images without losing quality, and the basic overview of Photoshop tools is easy to understand and quite helpful. I’m not even b-s’ing this. A lot of this is stuff that I couldn’t remember how to do from high school and struggled to remember with the last couple of projects. Helpful stuff!!! Lately I’ve been thinking about how incredibly important post production really is. This is something I didn’t think about a lot when I first began pursuing photography. If you’re not super rich or super famous, you’re going to have to get smart and figure out how to make your stuff look good AFTER you snap the shutter. Just something to keep in mind when printing, especially in large amounts like for our Portfolio project.

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