Assigned Readings Responses (1-3, from the Textbook)

1. Because I already know how a camera works, this chapter was a little unnecessary. I guess it’s always helpful to refresh though. I thought the explanation of the human eye was interesting though. Our eyes and brain connect in such a confusing way, but it all seems to work out in the end. I’d really love to try the camera obscura on my head. I’ve always wanted to see a real one in a huge room, but one on your own head would be a fun project as well.

2. Again with this reading, I already know how to do B&W film processing, but I guess it’s helpful to refresh. I have a love/hate relationship with processing film. It takes a long time, so it’s sort of boring, but at the same time, it’s amazing to finally pull your film out of the holder at the end and see what you’ve created with your camera. I need to get into the habit of making contact sheets. I always feel like I don’t need to make one, but that’s just me being lazy. I’d also like to start using Lightroom more because it’s so much better than iPhoto (which I’m using at the moment), and it’s more professional.

3. The idea of images in sequence is an interesting concept to me. I’ve always thought that stop motion stuff and pictures that obviously move were really interesting. Maybe it’s because I’m so interested in film and motion pictures. I love that you can do it through photography as well. Obviously that’s how movies began, because early photographers wondered if they could put a bunch of photos in succession and create a moving being from it. I think showing movement and the passing of time in photography is a creative way to let it not stay static and unchanged.

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