Assigned Readings Responses (4-6, from the Textbook)

4. To continue on from the third reading, I still love to look at photographs in sequence of motion and time passage. It’s such a cool way of interpreting the world and putting it into an artistic form. As humans, we are always changing and traveling forward through time. In photographical sequences, you can show this and it’s art. I kind of feel like even Facebook is like that. You can go back and look at all your pictures from the beginning, and it’s almost like a slideshow of time and movement.

5. In photography, we are always having to deal with lights and shadows and trying to incorporate it or take it away from our work. I do a lot of portraits, so I have to make sure I find a place where the light will be appropriate, but the shadows wont come in and ruin the subjects face. And then there are times where I deliberately want a shadow to add to the mood. Light changes the subject so much. The symbolism of light and dark in our society is so strong, with superhero movies and the light and the dark side of the force. We need to learn how to use light to our advantage to create photos.

6. When it comes to sources of light, I am a fan of natural lighting. Occasionally I will use the lighting studio if I want something to look a little more professional. I am a very avid hater of flash though. I will never use flash unless I absolutely have to. Even with a nice Speedlight or something, I’ll still steer clear, just because I don’t like to mess with adding extra light when it’s not needed. Even if it is needed, there are ways to get around not having to use flash. I should start bracketing more. I feel very confident in my light assessing abilities, but bracketing always help.

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