More Reading Responses

Repoductive process: Theory, pp 169-204

This reading was about the reproductive aspect to photography and how the photograph is spread though mass media reproduction.  The image is mass reproduced through advertising, photojournalism, and civilian journalism.  The fact that photography is so readily available for people and social networking so popular is understandably changing the world of photography.

Editing, Presentation, and Evaluation: Theory B pp339-364

This reading was about the many different ways you can edit and present your photographs wither in a series or sequence or individually.  He reading also talks about how valuable of a tool series and sequence can be for artists, because it allows them to influence the viewers experience with their work.  The part that I found the most interesting was the section on using text with the image, and how the addition of text can have a huge impact that the picture alone couldn’t have.

Editing, Presentation, and Evaluation: theory B, pp 364-376

This reading was especially interesting because it went into the history of photography, and how popular art movements affected photography.  Most students learn about all these movements and styles mentioned in the reading in school but I know my classes didn’t include as much from the photography perspective.

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