Reading Response: Deborah Bright

Deborah Bright reviewed the depiction of the American landscape.  Whether noble, picturesque, sublime or mundane, the landscape image bears and intense and lasting cultural imprint.  She explained the historical and social significance of the choices or an artist and how, whatever its aesthetic merits, every representation of landscape is also a record of human values and actions imposed on the land over time.  I am really compelled by that because I think the things we create are deeply connected to our values whether we know it or not.  Bright explained that beyond the personal level they reflect collect collective interests and influences, including political, economic, and social values.  That is interesting because sometimes we are unaware of the plethora of influence that surround us daily.

It was interesting to read about the questions she posed about the types of ideologies landscape photographs explore. Who are they creating for?  Why do we still make them?  And why is it so masculine dominated?


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