Of Mother Nature and Marlboro Men

Read this at the beginning of the quarter, but I am coming back to review it and write my response. Yipee. I found it interesting how Bright compared the progression of landscape photography to political and social climate. This is something I tend to not think about when I am looking at landscape photography- at least ones where human influence is not blatant. The way she talked about Ansel Adam’s “Eden-like” beautifying style was something I hadn’t really thought about. It is interesting to think about how the photographer can manipulate an already present landscape in order to make it represent what they want. I suppose this is almost always a part of photography.

It was also curious to realize how male based the art of landscape photography is. Despite Bright’s references of museums and collections that exclude female photographers, it made me wonder how much the lack of balance has to do with male and female differences in interest.

For someone that tends to not be invested in landscape photography, I appreciated the analysis and historical connection that Bright brought into the article.

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