David Rolin

This guy has very sexual images. Beware, if you go to his website. I guess he just invites people to come into his studio/dungeon and is open to whatever they want to do, he is there to interact or just document. 

“I have been doing fine art photography professionally since 1982. I shoot, primarily, in-studio but sometimes work on location. The broad theme of my work is The Essential Feminine. I explore this through the dynamics of social taboo, gender issues, personal expression, private ritual and more. Every shoot seeks to examine these issues through the perspective unique to that particular individual(s). I consider each shoot to be a singular life event during which I seek to find the resonance unique to both the subject and myself. I join together with a widely diverse representation of people in terms of gender, sexual preference, race and body types to create spontaneous art. The ambience of the shoots is improvisational, collaborative, boundary sensitive and non-judgmental. Together, we seek only the truth as we live those moments.

I welcome those individuals who have a desire to document their pleasures. Our level of interaction and collaboration is always based on your boundaries…your goals…and your own unique desires. My studio/dungeon is well equipped and private. If you have questions about doing photo work together, I invite you to contact me.”  – http://www.gallerysesso.com/index.php?option=com_content&view=article&id=57&Itemid=86





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