Imogen Cunningham, Judy Dater and Rodin

Also thinking about the next project, whatever its name may be. Here are a couple artists and images that have given me inspiration.

Nude, 1939, Imogen Cunningham

Self-Portrait with Stone,1982, Judy Dater

And last, but not least my favorite sculpture by Rodin.

Danaid by Rodin

Also: Its Bunny Time


And then…sleeping bunny

(\(\      zzZZzz
( -.-)

Lytro Light Feild Camera: A New Take on Digital

This neat little camera looks like it could be the Holga of digital, making digital photography accessible to those who are intimidated by the large, super complex cameras of today. I want one of these. Check out the review here, a sample photo gallery here, and the picture above links to the product website.

Yoshio Watanabe

In my Japanese Art history class we talked about one the most influential photographers in Japan. Yoshio Watanabe was one of the most well known photographers in Japan after World war 2 because he went and took pictures of Ise shrine. Ise shrine is a sacred shrine that no one can go inside and they only let Watanabe inside as a guest. He was only allowed to go the half way point and not allowed to go into the inner circle of the shrine. Many did not appreciate his work because he took many photos that were very abstract and they thought that he did not truly capture the essence of Ise shrine. However as time rolled by, many realize the beauty in his work.