Reading Responses

Well I’m going to combine a few of these…

The Essential Way

Mainly review, because it goes over how to load, develop and process film. I actually read the filters part at the beginning because I don’t know much about them and I hate tungsten light, especially with night shots.

Vision: Tools, Materials & Processes

Yup, remember reading this in 290. However, it made a lot more sense now to review the viewfinder camera.

Reproductive Processes & Tools

I found the information on trouble-shooting negatives really helpful. It’s easy to just accept that a negative is weird or messed up and forget about it, but there are things you can do. Also, I love the contact sheet on 271. I’ve always been into collage, and creating one image out of many. That’s something I’d like to try out with 35 mm.

The rest was a lot of information on Photoshop and Lightroom. Not really something I’m going to read now, but it’s a nice reference point for when I’m using the programs. Heh I also like the rug on pg. 314

This is a portfolio building guide created by the Class of 2012 Industrial Design at the University of Cincinnati. It’s more geared at making an ID portfolio, but could be great for a more commercially focused photography. It was interviews with professionals and a thorough breakdown of how to use InDesign.

Lytro Light Feild Camera: A New Take on Digital

This neat little camera looks like it could be the Holga of digital, making digital photography accessible to those who are intimidated by the large, super complex cameras of today. I want one of these. Check out the review here, a sample photo gallery here, and the picture above links to the product website.