Old Growth Forest, Mt Baker Hwy

Yep, more scans. Trees this time. Shot these sometime in October and successfully ignored them until yesterday, when I discovered them under my bed. From the old growth preserve that borders hwy. 542. Kodak Tri-X 400.


It’s a little hard to get an idea of scale in this last one, but this is one of the larger douglas firs that you can reach from the highway, over 200 ft tall.

Having an obsession with rays of sunlight and shadows these days. Ties in a bit to the different types of light we’ve been talking about. I had this particular picture in mind when I took the one below on my walk to school today. (shucks didn’t realize the similarities between them until i saw them together now!!) Click the picture above to check out Christian Patterson’s work, it’s awesome!

Night and Day (and dust)

Yep, I realize it’s a rip off of Hiroshi Sugimoto – I’m ok with it.

Turns out the inside of my apartment isn’t as interesting as Hiroshi’s theaters though, so I added a pretty girl. This is the digital version (shot with a 5d from ATUS) of an experiment that went down last week: lamps, flashlights, stopwatches, and one very patient roommate/model. In the end the film version of this photo had some unresolvable dust issues – my fault for only shooting one negative I guess.

Hi everyone. My name is Gary.

well. I am enthusiastic… and I have a camera….um. I hope that as the quarter progresses my pictures will improve in quality.

Looked cool at the time...

Here is one of my self portrait daily photos from our assignment

some girls I know (lucky me)

I hate to beat the dead horse that is the train track portrait but…

I scanned these in the lab recently and really liked how they look as a set – and more importantly it’s a great excuse to get this week’s post out of the way.

Anyway if you haven’t tried scanning your negatives yet it’s well worth it – all the smug satisfaction of using traditional film and none of the pain in the a** darkroom printing.