WWU International Opportunities Fair

International Opportunities Fair
Thursday, January 24, 11:00 – 3:00
Viking Union Multipurpose Room

This is the largest campus event dedicated to providing information about work, volunteer, study, and internship positions abroad.  Participating organizations include the Peace Corps, the US Department of State, Semester at Sea, Cross Cultural Solutions, American Institute for Foreign Study, Adventure Teaching, and as well as WWU programs with an international focus. This event is co-sponsored by the WWU Career Services Center and the WWU International Programs & Exchanges.

Throughout the week of the Fair, the Career Services Center and International Programs and Exchanges will conduct popular workshops that will be of interest to students considering employment or internships abroad:

International Opportunities for Certified Teachers
Monday, January 23, 4:30, Old Main 280

How to Navigate the International Opportunities Fair
Tuesday, January 24, 4:00, Viking Union Room 552

International Jobs and Internships Workshop
Wednesday, January 25, 4:00 Viking Union Room 552

Teach English as a Second Language:  a panel discussion with employers
Thursday, January 26, 4:00, Viking Union Room 552

Not to be cliché, but these provide great resources to expand your horizons!

New Juried Book Competition

Here is another opportunity for everyone! “Open to Interpretation” is holding an open call for entries from all photographers, the theme: water’s edge. Being so close to the bay, I’m sure you guys have awesome possibilities for entries.

The winners of the image competition will be the inspiration for the literary (poetry, prose, fiction, nonfiction, etc.) portion of a book as well! Entries are due June 7!

Check it ouuuut! http://www.open2interpretation.com/

Photographers Dream in Images

The Focus Project: http://www.focusproject2011.com/

Artists Wanted and JPG Magazine come together to present a yearly archive of  the “most compelling photographs capturing what is most important in our lives”, and they are looking for submissions!

Winners and participants have a shot at the big time, a chance to partake in $75,000 worth of awards, a red-carpet reception, and more.

Go to their website to check out more information and how to participate!