Mr. Elbank.

My friend Brittany sent me a link to this photographer’s Tumblr. I googled his name and found another blog that he has; both have slightly different content but his images are beautiful.

Seattle Zine shows in NY Gallery

#1 Must Have, a queer zine depicting images of Seattle queers, is having a show in the Leslie Lohman Gallery in New York. This is the same gallery that Sophia Wallace has showed at (also a  Seattle native). The purpose of #1 Must Have is to bring images of queers, by queers to the public eye.  Below are links to both the zine’s website and the Leslie Lohman Gallery.

Press Release for the NY show:


#1 Must Have

My White Friends

Myra Greene

I found this video on kickstarter and then checked her work out. I like a lot of her work, especailly the techniques she uses in her self portraits. Here is her most recent series. In the video she talks about how some of the subjects would perform whiteness, how she would direct them to perform whiteness, etc. The  Check it:

video link:



Elisabeth Ohlson Wallin

Wallin is a photographer based out of Sweden. She pulls inspiration from biblical stories and portrays them using subject matter that is opposite of what the “good book” professes. Her website it a bit difficult to navigate but her images are quite nice.

Take a look:

American Able by Holly Norris

I found this series of images after doing research for a club co-facilitate on campus. This week we are talking about compulsory able-bodiedness in society. Throughout the photographic world we see people who disabled or handicap depicted as “freaks” –dehumanized. Holly Norris (who is a young, amateur photographer) captures her model in a way that plays off of American Apparel advertisements to emphasize the person in the image, rather than the disability.

Week 2 Reading

Although I remember reading this before, it helps to go over it again and review the basics of the pinhole and the benefits of a viewfinder. After using several different kinds of cameras I found that I could never warm up the the kinds of cameras with viewfinders separate from the lens. I love my SLR Nikon and felt more comfortable making a nice composition with that camera rather than the Holga in 290 last quarter. I admit my worst problem was very very embarrassing when we had to use disposable cameras and most of the pictures were blocked out by one of my fingers. I was not proud. Most people have no problem with the parallax error, but I really hated it.

I’m also interested in playing around with blurring techniques in photoshop for fun, but I also want to have more time with the 4 x 5 to play with that same technique.

I bought some magnification lenses a while ago which are discussed in the reading and I have only tried them out on a digital camera since they are not completely easy to use. They allow one to shoot something much closer that what a normal camera lens would allow, but can be very sensitive!