Reading Response #2

Light and Shadow –  This reading covered the use of different lighting effect and effects different shadow can have pretty well.  This is one area of photography I haven’t explored much as I most shoot with the sun to my back or  with a flash on.  I am interested to go out and try to duplicate some of these effects on my own.  Also I hadn’t thought before on how the use of shadow or lack there of could so dramatically change an image.

Reading Response #1

I found this reading to be pretty informative, and liked how they explained how a lot of the processes work.  I use a dSLR quite a bit already and its nice to see that it was based off the older technology and that a lot should be able to carry over for use in the class.  I found the other types of cameras to be pretty interesting as well, for instance the different types of pinhole cameras.

Holga Responce

I am glad I am reviewing the Holga late. partly because although I really enjoyed Paul Bower’s lecture and learning about the Holga, it couldn’t have prepared me for the labor of love that this camera really is. Frustrating, rarely consistent, flimsy and light hungry, I started the Holga project ready to hate this camera. After burning two rolls because I can’t tell ‘Normal’ from ‘Bulb’ shutter sounds, I dialed it in and got some good shots. Some great shots actually, ones that screamed playfulness and magic. I was entranced, this shotty little camera had produces some amazing work.

If I had reviewed the Holga earlier, this would be an entirely different post. The Holga grew on me, and its one I am not going to be able to put down when this quarter is over.

Lytro Light Feild Camera: A New Take on Digital

This neat little camera looks like it could be the Holga of digital, making digital photography accessible to those who are intimidated by the large, super complex cameras of today. I want one of these. Check out the review here, a sample photo gallery here, and the picture above links to the product website.

Kim Høltermand

Kim Høltermand does exactly what I hope to do with my own photography. I love the very graphical feel to his more industrial pieces and the dirty texture that the concrete has. The images pull the subject outside of their location, making it generic and recognizable to any location. And I know that Garth doesn’t agree with me, but I absolutely love blown out skies. I feel that they give the image a more bold and graphic feel.

Also, trees because Høltermand does awesome photography outside of his more industrial/architectural work.