reading post 3

For the other reading, I think that the most interesting parts were how different lightings meant different things to people. Especially to Dubois. I also thought that it was interesting that they still used terms like chiascuro and the like to pinpoint aspects in photography. I always thought that was a more painting technique. Also fun to learn more about neipce and Daguerre.

Yoshio Watanabe

In my Japanese Art history class we talked about one the most influential photographers in Japan. Yoshio Watanabe was one of the most well known photographers in Japan after World war 2 because he went and took pictures of Ise shrine. Ise shrine is a sacred shrine that no one can go inside and they only let Watanabe inside as a guest. He was only allowed to go the half way point and not allowed to go into the inner circle of the shrine. Many did not appreciate his work because he took many photos that were very abstract and they thought that he did not truly capture the essence of Ise shrine. However as time rolled by, many realize the beauty in his work. 

rune guneriussen

This is a Norwegian artist that I found online. I really loved this picture. The subtle glow of the globes is really nice on the very light snowy background.  If you want more different types of light on a snowy background then look at his website.