Holga Response

At the beginning of the quarter, I wasn’t sure if I was going to like the Holga camera. I was just skeptical of it. And then I bought it and had no idea how to use it or what to do with it. But I heard the presentation on Michelle Bates and I started to get more excited about it. And when the reading was on it, I learned a lot of little things about the camera as well. I truly am excited to use a plastic camera to make some sweet prints. I want to experiment with double exposures, as well as nice single exposures.

As I was talking to people about the Holga, they said that color film for it is very fun too. So I am excited to play with that on the side of class!

Reading Response

I really enjoyed reading this section on lighting and shadows. It is very interesting how all the different techniques came about, and the different ways to interpret lighting. This is very helpful going into this next assignment of body shots, and using the lighting studio. There are so many different ways to use the different lights in there. And I am excited to use the techniques of shadow, and how my group can interpret that. The lighting studio has alway been interesting to me, so I am glad that we get a chance to use it and experiment with it. And this reading helped me get the creative paths going.

The reading that was assigned was a really great tool for me. I am excited to go back and use all of the different tables that were given to us as a resource. I am very excited to get in action with all of this new information that I have. I really would like to dry the box/watermelon/mouth exposure idea. I think that would be a great experiment to do some day. Shout out to Garth (pg 61).