Holga Responce

I am glad I am reviewing the Holga late. partly because although I really enjoyed Paul Bower’s lecture and learning about the Holga, it couldn’t have prepared me for the labor of love that this camera really is. Frustrating, rarely consistent, flimsy and light hungry, I started the Holga project ready to hate this camera. After burning two rolls because I can’t tell ‘Normal’ from ‘Bulb’ shutter sounds, I dialed it in and got some good shots. Some great shots actually, ones that screamed playfulness and magic. I was entranced, this shotty little camera had produces some amazing work.

If I had reviewed the Holga earlier, this would be an entirely different post. The Holga grew on me, and its one I am not going to be able to put down when this quarter is over.

Lytro Light Feild Camera: A New Take on Digital

This neat little camera looks like it could be the Holga of digital, making digital photography accessible to those who are intimidated by the large, super complex cameras of today. I want one of these. Check out the review here, a sample photo gallery here, and the picture above links to the product website.

Julien Brenton – Light Calligraphy

I’ve seen a lot of ‘light writing‘ photos on the internet, and they can vary in quality and creativity, but this weekend I found the best example to date. Julien Brenton does a lot of work with Arabic Calligraphy, and has moved to going some very powerful pieces with light writing. The examples below are bad screen caps, check it out here for better resolution.


I’ll admit it, I am an incurable carnie. I love circuses and performing and being that weird guy who juggles for no reason. I do a lot of photography of flowers and mushrooms, but if there is one subject I find the most fascinating, the most alive and dynamic, it is fire. I have harbored a healthy fascination and respect for fire for as long as I can remember, and good photography locks the liquid properties of fire for everyone to appreciate.  I’ve followed Tom Lacoste on DeviantArt for years, before he quit DA earlier last year. I tracked his work down to a flicker account for everyone to enjoy. The pictures below link to different sections, click on his name to see the full set.