Photographer session

Hey all, I am meeting Sunday with a pro photographer from Saudi Arabia on Sunday around 3:30 in the lighting Studio.  Feel free to join if you are interested!  He will show some techniques and experiment with photographing different objects and elements.

Here is his flickr page:


Holga Handout

When I first learned about the Holga camera project, I really wasn’t sure what to expect.  It didn’t seem like a project that whould be as exciting as digital photography.  However, after learning about the simplicity and functionality of the Holga, I am now rather excited to start.  I think that because the camera is so simple and cheap, it allows for more creativity and experimenting, which is key to great artwork.  The camera has a fun uniqueness that is attractive after you get used to it, and I now see why it is gaining popularity with art photographers.

#2 light and shadow

This reading really got me thinking about the use of different kinds of lighting.  I am very new to the photography world and so I felt I learned a lot from this information about all the different types of light and light sources.  It is true that light is very mysterious, and I am glad that the book gave a very thorough explanation of the science of light.  Lighting is one of if not the most important aspects of solid photography, as I am noticing with my current night/day photos.  I especially enjoyed the part of the text where it talked about various sources of artificial lighting such as the projector.  It got me thinking of what else could possibly be used as an artificial light that I might have access to.