Reading Responses

Well I’m going to combine a few of these…

The Essential Way

Mainly review, because it goes over how to load, develop and process film. I actually read the filters part at the beginning because I don’t know much about them and I hate tungsten light, especially with night shots.

Vision: Tools, Materials & Processes

Yup, remember reading this in 290. However, it made a lot more sense now to review the viewfinder camera.

Reproductive Processes & Tools

I found the information on trouble-shooting negatives really helpful. It’s easy to just accept that a negative is weird or messed up and forget about it, but there are things you can do. Also, I love the contact sheet on 271. I’ve always been into collage, and creating one image out of many. That’s something I’d like to try out with 35 mm.

The rest was a lot of information on Photoshop and Lightroom. Not really something I’m going to read now, but it’s a nice reference point for when I’m using the programs. Heh I also like the rug on pg. 314

A friend of mine showed me this book ‘The Altered Landscape.’ IT IS SO COOL and really ties in to our architecture project. I don’t know how to show you guys much of it online but there might be a copy at the library because I think he is using it in his Planet class. Really though, if you want to see some crazy landscapes (altered, der..) check it out. There were even a couple of the Becher’s prints in it oh boy.

Working with th…


Working with the view camera has been a whole new experience for me that has definitely proved to be challenging. I’m looking forward to having waaay more time in the future to get to know the camera better after the project is done. Anywho I’ve also been using my Holga more after 290 and its rather refreshing to be able to just CLICK THE SHUTTER and thats IT! Here’s a couple that I scanned in today (second is a double exposure of Jasmine!)


So far, I’ve enjoyed working with the holga. The things that I am attracted to the most are the easiness of double exposures/panoramas/overlappings and the square medium format. I like the square crop look a lot. I wish we could use color film in this class, but I’ll just have to experiment with that on my own.

Definitely like the simplicity, I struggle sometimes with technical aspects so it’s nice to just be able to shoot and then have some interesting, weird results.

Dang, already made the mistake of taking what I thought was a great picture, with the lens cap on… i’ll keep on practicing with it!

Having an obsession with rays of sunlight and shadows these days. Ties in a bit to the different types of light we’ve been talking about. I had this particular picture in mind when I took the one below on my walk to school today. (shucks didn’t realize the similarities between them until i saw them together now!!) Click the picture above to check out Christian Patterson’s work, it’s awesome!