Miru Kim

So the other day in class I could not remember this artists name but its Miru Kim. She studied biology at Columbia  to become a doctor and eventually abandoned that track for art. She has very interesting ideas about humans and our relationship with our environment. She uses herself as a model in most of her work (brave soul..).


Seattle Erotic Art Festival

The 10th annual erotic art festival is going down in seattle in June. If you havnt been before you should definitely check it out! Its not only a great time full of quirky characters but theres always LOADS of fantastic (and some questionable) photography.

Heres their website if you want to check out past work/schedules/tickets and such


Cause and Effect

Hey everybody! Go take advantage of the awesome photo documentation op happening in the AW building this weekend. Do Ho Suhs Sculpture Cause and Effect is being installed on the 2nd and 3rd floors (by the sky bridge). Pretty awesome to see the process of installation. Also the artist himself will be here at 3pm June 8th for the dedication!