Totem: The Return of the G’psgolox Pole

This is an interesting movie from my Anthropology class

This feature-length documentary traces the journey of the Haisla people to reclaim the G’psgolox totem pole that went missing from their British Columbia village in 1929. The fate of the 19th century traditional mortuary pole remained unknown for over 60 years until it was discovered in a Stockholm museum where it is considered state property by the Swedish government. Director Gil Cardinal combines interviews, striking imagery and rare footage of master carvers to raise questions about ownership and the meaning of Aboriginal objects held in museums.


“Wastland” is a movie about art, people and their garbage. It follows renowned artist/photographer Vik Muniz as he talks and works with the garbage pickers from the worlds largest landfill in Rio de Janeiro. I found it really inspirational on several levels, I hope you do too! Its on netflix so maybe some of you have already seen it. If not, then check it out!

here’s the website: