Krappy Kamera

I’ve been looking at a lot of Holga photography lately. I was researching Michelle Bates for my presentation and came across the Krappy Kamera competition by Soho Photo. There is a lot of interesting things going on in the toy camera world.

This like goes to the latest Krappy Kamera winner:

You can find archived Krappy Kamera winner galleries at

Die Antwoord

Die Antwoord is a band that has recently blessed the world with another masterpiece. I was wondering what peoples opinions are with the video in terms of it being art or just being weird for publicity. The director of the video Roger Ballen is a photographer and took some shots on set of the music video and I really like them as art pieces. So if you don’t think the video is artist expression then what do you consider the photographs?

Photographs of Die Antwoord:

Reading Response #2 Lighting

Good overview of all the types of light and light sources whether natural or artificial. I especially appreciated the section on different types of natural light. Personally, I hate shooting in direct sunlight. It’s way to harsh and the hard shadows just aint my thang. Open shade is a lot more appealing to me. I also thought the idea of using a projector as a lighting source was so odd, but it makes a lot of sense with being able to focus and soften the light. The color of light scale, figure 2.54 pg. 147, definitely is something i’ll keep in mind while shooting now; I think it would be interesting to see how the color of light transfers into black and white photography.