Take a Risk…


A project featuring a slaughterhouse that has a collection to the extent of what you might expect: action-packed, gruesome, but not to the point of being distasteful..

I guess the moral of the story is that taking on a project that may push your comfort zone can ultimately result in success and a potential ongoing project.

Or in this case: …MORE BLOOD!!


Anna Huix— Pure Class

Aside from this being a pretty sweet collection from a person with a great understanding of light, this site of the photography of Anna Huix is a really great example of efficiency in an online identity.

Throughout the site you’ll find some professionally commissioned projects with a good balance of other personal projects. Extremely clean presentation all around..



Reading Response 1

I think it’s pretty sweet that we’re constantly producing tears. It makes sense, but I never thought too hard on it before… After learning the basic parts of an SLR camera, the way light is handled by our eyes is a bit easier to grasp.

I still can’t wrap my head around the fact that the orientation of a camera will actually reorder information.

Personal Horizon lines are ridiculous, Camera obscuras and Pinhole cams are dope and YAY for Objective Distortion!