Since we are so interested in talking about Instagram in our SPE panel I thought this was pretty interesting. Om Malik considers Instagram to be “all soul and emotion.” That seems like a bit much for an app that puts pretty filters over images but I guess for some this is the truth. I don’t use Instagram so I can’t speak much about it but I think this is an interesting perspective when it comes to photography and how the social media aspect is changing its uses. Now simply documenting a recently cleaned room with a filter reminiscent of a tilt shift opens up a door to “understand how they see the world.”

Is this a stretch?

Read the article and decide for yourself.


Self Evident Truths Project

This project hopes that by sharing the faces of queer individuals it will be harder to discriminate against them. I think it is a nice gesture and a nice idea but I don’t have much faith in it. What do you think? Do you think a project like this can help?

Breastfeeding Controversy




It’s amazing sometimes how much a single photo can create so much outrage. Recently “Mom 2 Mom” (a breastfeeding support group) put out a picture that involved two women in military uniform feeding their babies. Negative responses immediately began to pour out  saying it was a “disgrace.” What do you think?