REsponse to the HolgA

The Holga 120 film and light plastic frame work made it hard for me to take seriously at first, but I did like the quirkiness  portability and freedom I enjoyed using it as supposed to my cautious use of My DSLR  it kind of reminds me of analogue instagram. I do feel like the pictures i took with this camera were more playful than the 35mm film:)

Reading response To light and shadow

I found this chapter portion of the reading particularly helpful though the explanations  of front and back lighting, Bracketing(shooting the same still t different exposures). how shooting at different times of the day affects light color. (which is linked to white balance) how high ISO’s are linked to noisy grainy images, reflecting and diffusing light…and how different variables such as texture shape color and angle will affect how the light bounces or softens. also how flashes can contribute to a cleaner light and sharp focus objects. this contributes to me having a fuller understanding of photshop and lightroom software. painting with light and shadows is a powerful tool for creating unique images …I hate to sound cliche’ but that is what i got out of the chapter.

response to Reframing Photography pages49-105

Hmm I don’t know really what to respond to this portion of reading except that it helped me understand viewfinders shutter speeds and focal planes a little more. It was nice to have F-stops and apertures and their relationship to depth of field further explained as well. the comparisons of DSLR’s and “point and shoots was laid out and easy to understand. i also appreciated the quick overview scanners printers and Photoshop controls. basically this portion of reading explained the basic of image making in its various forms to me.

Hi everyone. My name is Gary.

well. I am enthusiastic… and I have a camera….um. I hope that as the quarter progresses my pictures will improve in quality.

Looked cool at the time...

Here is one of my self portrait daily photos from our assignment