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Western Gallery @ 3 on Tuesday, May 29

Lucia Douglas @ 5:30 on Tuesday, May 29

??? @ evening on Wednesday, May 30 –>talk to Henry and Miles; it’s top secret

The Amadeus Project @ 6 on Friday, June 1

Overgrowth @ 6 on Friday, June 1

Smith & Vallee @ 5:30 on Saturday, June 2

Lucia Douglas @ 5:30 on Saturday, June 2



RR 4

I think cyanotype is my favorite process so far. I like the way the materials can be manipulated and the extensive selection of items you can use to create a negative. The blue color is beautiful. I enjoyed learning about the chemical reaction that creates the Prussian blue dye. Another thing I enjoy about it is how it becomes a dye, a bridge to my interest in fibers and textiles. I enjoyed doing the presentation for Anna Atkins as well. It was very funny to read people’s impressions/ descriptions of her and about how her cataloging of British algae was a perfect use for a woman.

RR 3

Having the proper materials is essential to having a good outcome when it comes to most processes, and alt printing is no different. I think my favorite part of platinum printing is the coating of the paper with the pusher. What is nice about photography is how close it is, in some ways, to science. I feel like a crazy scientist. But the most important thing is, make sure you have the proper paper and proper negatives! It makes a world of difference.

RR 2

I liked reading about these processes, and learning more in depth about them. It’s nice to be reminded how many different ways there are to create an image. There is not just film and silver. While I find these processes interesting, I’ve also grown accustom to the clarity and detail a 4×5 negative give me and it’s hard to always be satisfied with less detailed images. As I think about graduating, I value learning about this more. I can think about how these methods will translate post-college and how I can continue my photo-based art practices.

RR 1

Reading about the pinhole process and history was interesting. however, I think the most valuable learning experience was actually constructing different pinhole cameras and seeing how they worked and what kind of images they created. The group collaboration process was more useful than reading about it. I learned through doing, not reading about it.