This chapter was great, because, as we learned in working with the paper we bought, the kind of paper you use makes a HUGE difference in how well your photo prints. The chemical breakdown is nice, if you’re into science, or really want to delve into this process. Platinum printing was interesting.


Mooooooooore cyan. This is a lot of cyanotype info. Which is great. The great thing about the book is how indepth it goes. Most importantly, was learning about care for your cyan. It’s interesting too because Crista has a cyanotyped dress and she washes it like normal and it hasn’t turned yellow yet. I wonder if she uses a phosphate free detergent.


This chapter was good because it discussed methods to alter how your cyanotype looks. I thought this would be very helpful, considering that the cyanotype process is nice and simple, but you may not always want the blues. It also offers a fun new way to experiment.

E free VENT food S!


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