Old Photos: Ancient Ruins

These were taken digitally about a year or two ago, near a park in central Maryland.

Fascinating how quickly old things can fall into ruin, and how quickly nature can take back from human civilization.

When we found what was very likely to be a Confessional Booth, we had a very good clue what the ruins used to be- some kind of Catholic Institution; a school, abbey, or church.

An otherwise good shot of the confessional, despite my mother’s head and jacket being a distraction.

Outside of the Confessional.

Inside the Confessional.

A place of worship, evidenced by the cross.

An altar, made of concrete and some rusting metal.

Most likely an empty fountain or pool, filled in and overgrown.

Thomas Czarnecki: From Enchantment to Down

Found something interesting today- Thomas Czarnecki’s series of grim Disney Fairy Tale-inspired photos.

Here’s the link:THOMAS CZARNECKI Photography

In my opinion, the bright colors distract from the dark tone. But I can see how others would find this all the more disturbing, as the colorful dresses are a reminder that the characters come from children’s movies.


I think I like this one the most. The way Alice is sitting hanging her head reminds me of the scene from the animated movie where she sits down and bawls her eyes out.

This one, however, is just ridiculous:

It’s supposed to be Pocahontas, in case you couldn’t tell.