The following are current students and alumni with photography/art websites, Flickr pages, blogs and Tumblrs. If you are a current WWU art/photography student or alumni, send us an email with your name and link(s) and you can be added to the list as well!

Allison Avery

Lindsay Borden

Lannie Bosiger

Kai Caemmerer 

Austin Chernich

Curry Chiang

Marybeth Coghill

Mikel Cumiskey

Margaret Faubion

Miles Fortune

Teresa Grasseschi

Megan Harmon

Byrna Hoffmeister

Alan Hunter

Davin Kyle Knight

Mollie Mattsen

Adam McRae

Michelle Newman

Dana Ollestad

Allie Paul

Alex Rubin

Joe Rudko

Sheldon Sabbatini

Brandon Sawaya

If you are currently listed, please notify us with any changes in address or additional links as necessary.

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