Articles Found from Researching Photography

I have been trying to research how to perform some techniques online and I found a couple of articles.

Making a black & white fine print
Articles on Photography

The second one is actually a collection of articles, but they recently had an interesting article about the solarization technique and its history and how it works.

The bang bang club.

Anyone interested in Photojournalism? If yes this movie The bang bang club is a must see. It plays from april 29-may 05 in seattle, tickets are available at nwfilmforum for only 6:50. Check out the trailer….

“From the book of the same title, The Bang Bang Club gets its name from four young photographers, Greg Marinovich (Ryan Phillippe), Kevin Carter (Taylor Kitsch), Ken Oosterbroek (Frank Rautenbach) and Joao Silva (Neels Van Jaarsveld), whose photographs captured the final bloody days of white rule in South Africa (two of whom were awarded Pulitzer Prizes). Silver’s film tells the remarkable story of these young men and their photo editor, Robin Comley (Malin Åkerman), who protected them and made sure their photographs were seen throughout the world. Bang Bang Club recounts the relationships between the four photographers and the stresses, tensions and moral dilemmas of working in situations of extreme violence and suffering. It is also the story of the demise of apartheid and the birth of a new South Africa”