Artsy Stuff to do over Winter Break

Create a PostSecret or two to have in the Viking Union Gallery due January 6!
Go check out artwork by Tim Kenney at The Black Drop coffeeshop.
Stop by the Fairhaven Book Fare Cafe for art by Lenae Day.
Starting December 18, see “Arts and Crafts Movement in the Pacific Northwest” at the Whatcom Museum.

Last chance to check out the Picasso exhibit at the SAM, before it closes 1/17/2011!
Make sure you experience Gerri Sayler’s installation at the Suyama Space before 12/17/2010.
Art about the homeless, vacancy, and found objects @ Platform Gallery.

More Picasso prints and awesome grid portraits by Stu Levy @ Augen Gallery.
Visit Blackfish Gallery for new installation and paintings by Kanetaka Ikeda and Mario Caoile.

Have some suggestions? Feel free to post a comment!

Call for PostSecrets!

The Viking Union Gallery is soliciting submissions for a Winter PostSecret themed exhibition “You’ve Got Secrets!”. Anyone and everyone is encouraged to submit one or multiple images/collages/works on a standard size postcard, and every single one will be included in the exhibit.

Secrets can be funny, serious, personal or random.
What is PostSecret?

The VU Gallery is also hosting a craft night with provided materials for your last chance to add a secret!
For more details, check out the Facebook event!
All submissions are due January 6 to the VU Gallery.