Lee Friedlander – photography and a geography lesson all in one

Per Garth’s suggestion I looked up Lee Friedlander after class today. I wasn’t impressed by all of his photographs, but a few stuck out as I was flipping through. He does some interesting things with layering a foreground and background that could be separated into individual pictures such as an image on a TV screen or  reflected in a mirror. He also names all of his work (presumably) after where each photo was taken. Who knew there was a town called Aloha, WA? Not me anyway.

Aloha, Washington




So far, I’ve enjoyed working with the holga. The things that I am attracted to the most are the easiness of double exposures/panoramas/overlappings and the square medium format. I like the square crop look a lot. I wish we could use color film in this class, but I’ll just have to experiment with that on my own.

Definitely like the simplicity, I struggle sometimes with technical aspects so it’s nice to just be able to shoot and then have some interesting, weird results.

Dang, already made the mistake of taking what I thought was a great picture, with the lens cap on… i’ll keep on practicing with it!

Holga Response

At the beginning of the quarter, I wasn’t sure if I was going to like the Holga camera. I was just skeptical of it. And then I bought it and had no idea how to use it or what to do with it. But I heard the presentation on Michelle Bates and I started to get more excited about it. And when the reading was on it, I learned a lot of little things about the camera as well. I truly am excited to use a plastic camera to make some sweet prints. I want to experiment with double exposures, as well as nice single exposures.

As I was talking to people about the Holga, they said that color film for it is very fun too. So I am excited to play with that on the side of class!

Holga Response

At first I was not very excited about the Holga camera project, It seemed silly to use a crappy camera and lense, and I was not really sure what I would learn. After seeing Paul’s photos, I think this project will be pretty fun. He had some very cool images. I haven’t developed any images yet, so we’ll see. I find it intriguing that each Holga has it’s own personality, and each one can be quite different, with different light leaks and distortions.