The Whimsical Street Art of Nomerz

This artist Nomerz does some really crazy and creepy things with old and decrepit buildings and structures, really inspiring and would make for some neat Holga photos I think.

The Whimsical Street Art of Nomerz street art

More here.

And his site is here, all in Russian!


Lee Friedlander – photography and a geography lesson all in one

Per Garth’s suggestion I looked up Lee Friedlander after class today. I wasn’t impressed by all of his photographs, but a few stuck out as I was flipping through. He does some interesting things with layering a foreground and background that could be separated into individual pictures such as an image on a TV screen or  reflected in a mirror. He also names all of his work (presumably) after where each photo was taken. Who knew there was a town called Aloha, WA? Not me anyway.

Aloha, Washington




So far, I’ve enjoyed working with the holga. The things that I am attracted to the most are the easiness of double exposures/panoramas/overlappings and the square medium format. I like the square crop look a lot. I wish we could use color film in this class, but I’ll just have to experiment with that on my own.

Definitely like the simplicity, I struggle sometimes with technical aspects so it’s nice to just be able to shoot and then have some interesting, weird results.

Dang, already made the mistake of taking what I thought was a great picture, with the lens cap on… i’ll keep on practicing with it!

Holga Response

At the beginning of the quarter, I wasn’t sure if I was going to like the Holga camera. I was just skeptical of it. And then I bought it and had no idea how to use it or what to do with it. But I heard the presentation on Michelle Bates and I started to get more excited about it. And when the reading was on it, I learned a lot of little things about the camera as well. I truly am excited to use a plastic camera to make some sweet prints. I want to experiment with double exposures, as well as nice single exposures.

As I was talking to people about the Holga, they said that color film for it is very fun too. So I am excited to play with that on the side of class!