Audrey Corregan: Obviously

Audrey Corregan turns animal into object with her photographs of stuffed birds from behind. It’s the type of project that makes you say  “Why the f@#k didn’t I think of that?”


From Corregan’s website:

They are big, almost our alter egos. These imposing creatures turn their backs on us in superb indifference, captivated by a sight that we cannot see. With their wide necks and large bodies, these hieratic silhouettes fill the cramped space of the frame.
They offer us the patterns of their lustrous speckled plumage.
As in her previous photographic series “John”, Audrey Corregan photographs the irreductible opacity of the model, the way it resists capture in the image, resists being taken.

– Raphaëlle Stoppin

This project and plenty of other interesting work on her website.


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~ Rachel Simpson