Tim Walker

Tim Walker is a well known fashion photographer.


~Rachel Simpson

“His unusual photos create a world of fantasy, developing new meanings and concepts about what fashion is. Always presented as pieces of fairy tales or stories, where everything is oversized, his work almost gives him the role of the ‘Mad Hatter’. The worlds he creates by ‘freezing’ the moment with his camera are fractures which fascinate the eye and make the mind wondering about inceptions and endings. His unique style makes the woman who photographs a princess who lives in a dream surrounded by the real walls of the stage she is in. Photos as the ones from bellow are his signature. Just love them!”


Photographers Self-Portraits

I found this interesting. Various famous photographers taking self-portraits.


Ilse Bing, Self-Portrait in Mirrors, 1931

Marianne Breslauer, Self-Portrait, c. 1930

Eve Arnold, Self-Portrait in a Distorted Mirror, 42nd Street, New York, 1950

Lee Friedlander, Self-portrait, 1997

~Rachel Simpson



Charlie Chaplin – Michel Comte

Michel Comte edited, revised, and put together a collection of private photographs of Charlie Chaplin – A Photo Diary.



“Beauty and the Best, l’Uomo Vogue 1996,” by Michel Comte


Robert Downey Jr


~Rachel Simpson

Creative Photography Of Moon By Laurent Laveder

Laurent Laveder’s creative photography of the moon. I’m sure some of you have seen his photos on the web. That’s how I first spotted them anyways. I doubt his were the first to have this kind of perspective of the moon, but it is definitely unique in some of the ways he chose to use the moon as the subject.



~Rachel Simpson

Greggory Crewdson

Greggory Crewdson’s photography is reminiscent of a film noir with dark shadows, startling contrast of light, and dramatic scenes that tell a tale.




~Rachel Simpson