Plastic Fantastic! Call for Toy Camera Entries

Plastic Fantastic Toy Camera Show

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Deadline: May 20, 2010

“Toy cameras are special with the wondrous and dreamlike images they create, photographic subjects take on a unique special quality that is rarely found from any other capture device. We at LightBox have a special love of these cameras and images and in celebration of our 1st anniversary we wish to feature photographers that share our love of these special cameras. We need your help in starting an annual tradition here at LightBox by entering this 1st Plastic Fantastic show and help us treat our gallery visitors to the wonders of the Toy camera. The Plastic Fantastic Show will run from June 12th to July 7, 2010.”

Toy camera possibilities include: Holga, Diana, and much more. LightBox Photographic Gallery is located in Astoria, Oregon.

For entry form and more details: LightBox

Summer Photo Workshop: Understanding Light in Photography

No prerequisites for this fantastic summer opportunity!

Understanding Light in Photography

ART 497C Summer Workshop, 6 Credits, No Pre-Reqs
June 22 – July 9
Monday – Friday 12:00 – 4:00pm
Garth Amundson & Dana Ollestad, CA

This course is designed to explore light in all its forms. Throughout the 3-week workshop, we will not only focus on interpretations of outdoor light, but will explore studio lighting as well. Using both analogue and digital cameras, we will investigate how to design, calibrate, measure, interpret and capture light. Technically, this course will provide opportunities to attain knowledge surrounding instrumental use of light.

Conceptually, students will research the historical and contemporary principles of capturing light. From magnesium flash powder and lantern projectors to cutting edge digital technology, in-class lectures, presentations, field trips and visiting artists will all inform the overarching theme of understanding light.


Pieter Wisse writes about 500 photographers

5 photographers a day for 100 weeks. Pieter Wisse writes about 500 active photographers working today on his blog, 500 Photographers.

“The photographers can be from any discipline within the photographic range, but they have to be worth looking at and have a certain level of quality. When we get to number 500, we will have a deep database of great photographers,” states Pieter Wisse on the weblog. The author is a photographer himself and just started this project several weeks ago (April 5, 2010). Check it out and keep looking back every couple days for a brand new artist.

Last Chance to Enter in Scanning Electron Microscope Competition!

The deadline is fast approaching for 2010’s Scanning Electron Microscope Competition. All entries are due one week from today, April 29th @ 5pm.

All participants will be included in the SEM exhibit, hosted by the Viking Union Gallery May 3-14th, where viewers will vote on the images; as well as a showing at the University Scholars Poster Session where the winners will be announced! Selected images are also included in a calendar released the following year available in the AS Bookstore.

Be a part of this fantastic opportunity! Enter in the competition, or just come out and vote for your favorites at the opening reception, May 6th from 6-8pm in the VU Gallery!

For more information: Student SEM Competition Website

Environmental Exhibit at the Western Gallery

This quarter, head over to the Western Gallery to check out their latest exhibit “Critical Messages: Contemporary Northwest Artists on the Environment”. This multi-media exhibition is “exploring how artists are responding to the natural, diverse Pacific Northwest in the context of a rapidly changing environment and gathering crisis of degradation” including work by Cynthia Camlin and John Grade.

Now through May 29th!

Labyrinth Release Party and Opening Reception

The 2010 Labyrinth exhibit opened yesterday at the VU Gallery, running from April 5-23. This year’s theme is Intersections of Identity, and it features the artwork 18 Western students and alumni.

Labyrinth Opening Reception and Release Party, Thursday April 8th 6-8pm

  • Check out artwork from 18 Western students and alumni
  • Hang out with many of the artists
  • Pick up a free copy of the Labyrinth publication released by the Women’s Center, which includes artwork from the show, other publication-exclusives, and literary pieces
  • Hear live reading excerpts by the authors featured in Labyrinth 
  • Have some delicious free food

More information check out the Facebook event: Labyrinth 2010 Reception & Reading