So this is what David and Alyce’s presentation on Michelle Bates really reminded me of today, Michelle Bates would probably have a field day here. ┬áIts video from an abandoned Six Flags, it is little creepy and off-putting but also kind of eerily beautiful at the same time.

The Camera Obscura of Literature and Photography


The Camera Obscura of Literature and Photography

The Camera Obscura is a fantastic new literary journal that, in the two years it’s been running, has already gained a reputation of aesthetic and literary integrity. Writers and photographers from any and every walk of life can submit for review, and there are fewer things more exciting than having your work published in a tangible print form.

Check out the submission guidelines here ( And if you’re interested in writing at all, you might want to look at their Bridge the Gap competition (here:, which requires entrants to write a story “bridging the gap” between two photographs.

The marriage of word and image is exciting! It’s great to see a literary journal succeeding so diligently in pursuing it on a fine art level.